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Application to register your Trade Waste Discharge

Welcome to Queenstown Lakes District Council Trade Waste Application form.

Please answer the following questions on the online application.  You can save and exit at any time and the system will ask you to either copy a link back to the form or to email yourself a link back to the form.  Keep that link safe and use it when you are ready to complete the online form.  

Your chosen activity will require you to answer a set of questions. The answers you provide will prompt different follow-up questions – these questions can sometimes take a few seconds to appear on your screen and you won't be able to push the next button until they do.

The Trade Waste Bylaw 2014 -  regulates trade waste that is discharged to our wastewater network and applies to all Trade Premises in our District. The trade waste bylaw also applies to tankered waste collected for the purpose of discharge to our wastewater treatment facility.

To register your business activity with Queenstown Lakes District Council you are required to complete this online application form.

Applications will be assessed according to the quality and quantity of your trade waste discharge and the potential impact your discharge may have on the receiving environment.  Your assessment will be followed up with recommendations to improve your discharge quality and collectively as a district we can minimise our environmental footprint.

Any questions regarding the form can be directed to or 03 441 0499.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your trade waste activities.